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Russian told FBI in 2011 the Boston Bombers were jihadi terrorists

Russian Told FBI in 2011 The Boston Bombers Were Jihadi Terrorists The Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed suspected marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011 at the request of the Russian government, but didn’t find evidence of suspicious activity and closed the case, an FBI official said Friday.

The fact that the FBI spoke with Mr. Tsarnaev, who was killed Friday morning in a firefight with authorities, is likely to become a focal point of the post mortem into how the attack was able to be carried out at the Boston Marathon. It also speaks to the challenge faced by authorities as terrorism morphs to some extent from the complex international plots of a decade ago to small-scale attacks carried out by individuals located within U.S.

U.S. counterterrorism policy has since 2001 focused largely on killing terrorists overseas or preventing them from getting into the U.S. But the Boston bombings show how the diffusion of terrorist tactics easily transcends borders. Co…

GelTech Assists Large Columbian Mine With Dust Control

GelTech Assists Large Columbian Mine With Dust Control
GelTech Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: GLTC), creators of Soil2O Dust Control, a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to airborne dust, and FireIce, a revolutionary water enhancing fire suppressant that has the potential to change current firefighting techniques globally, announces that Peter Cordani, GelTech’s Chief Technology Officer, recently spent four days in Colombia working with a large private international mining company to help them mitigate dust from the haul roads. GelTech’s Soil2O Dust Control product was chosen over two other competing products in side by side testing.

Michael Cordani, chief executive officer, GelTech Solutions, stated, “We are enthused that Soil2O Dust Control was chosen to help this large privately held mining company with their dust control issues in Colombia. We believe Soil2O Dust Control can be the cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to mitigate airborne dust for…

Faith Hill Leaves Sunday Night Football on NBC

After Six Years, The Country Singing Superstar and NBC Are Parting Company Faith Hill announced today on Twitter that she and NBC are parting Sunday Night company.
Her Waiting All Day for Sunday Night set to the tune of Joan Jett’s classic I Hate Myself for Loving You, had been the opening theme song for the network’s Sunday night NFL game for the past six years.

“Amazing 2 have been part of SNF – an honor. I’ve just let everyone there know it’s time 2 let someone else rock the open,” she tweeted, adding, “….Difficult decision. Kinda emotional. Love all u guys at SNF – I’ll b watching!!!”

Sunday Night Football executive producer Fred Gaudelli tweeted “great love and appreciation” to
Hill for her participation over the years. No word on who’ll be getting her gig.

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Super Telescope to be built in Hawaii

Worlds Largest Telescope To Be built in Hawaii
By Jon Fingas

The Thirty Meter Telescope has been under development for more than a decade, but the sheer amount of land needed on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea for its namesake main mirror has proved problematic: locals have formally challenged the multi-university effort over concerns that it might damage both the environment and natives’ heritage. Regardless of which stance you take on the issue, the project is going forward now that the state’s Board of Land and Natural Resources has granted an official land permit. The move clears an optical and near-infrared telescope with nine times the coverage area of its peers, and three times the sharpness. That’s enough to observe light from 13 billion years ago as well as put a heavy focus on tracking extrasolar planets, including planets in the making. Any impact on science or Mauna Kea will have to wait when construction doesn’t even start until April 2014, although we’re hoping that envi…

Bill In Congress To Reclassify Marijuana

Bill In Congress To Reclassify Marijuana The national fight for marijuana law-reform took a small step forward yesterday when a bill was introduced in Congress calling for federal prosecutors to stop going after marijuana users in states where medical and recreational pot has been legalized.

Currently, though medical marijuana’s been legalized in 18 states and Washington D.C. and Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational weed, federal laws—and the drug’s designation as a Schedule I controlled substance—still leave users vulnerable to prosecution, even with the government having bigger fish to fry. But several members in the House of Representatives have introduced the appropriately-named Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, and if it is signed into law, it’ll immunize both medical-marijuana businesses and marijuana users from federal attack. “If a state chooses to take marijuana sales away from cartels and the criminal market and put them in the hands of legitimate,…

Marijuana University Opens in Nevada! All Are Buzz!

Marijuana University Opens in Nevada! There is a Big Buzz About It! HENDERSON, Nev. (AP) — The first school in Nevada devoted to teaching people how to operate a successful medical marijuana dispensary has opened.

The Cannabis Career Institute launched its Budtender School with a workshop for about 40 students on Saturday in Henderson.

Institute founder Robert Calkin says his school educates would-be entrepreneurs on all aspects of the medical marijuana business, including how to grow marijuana legally and bake it into brownies, cookies and cakes.

The school’s opening comes as Nevada lawmakers consider a bill that would provide a way for patients to finally get the drug 13 years after Nevada voters approved use of medical marijuana.
The measure cleared its first hurdle Thursday as the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved it. The bill calls for the establishment and regulation of pot dispensaries.

“It’s coming,” Calkin told the Las Vegas Sun. “Nevada has always been …

Artic Summer Ice All But Gone

Artic Summer Ice All But Gone By Frank Lucci
The Arctic could be nearly free of summer ice by the middle of the twenty-first century, with some predictions claiming it could happen within a few decades.

Scientists have been using three different models to predict how climate change will affect the ice flows of the Arctic, and it looks like a matter of time before the area is almost ice free, according to an article by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

James Overland, from NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, had this to say about the shrinking ice of the Arctic.

“Rapid Arctic sea ice loss is probably the most visible indicator of global climate change; it leads to shifts in ecosystems and economic access, and potentially impacts weather throughout the northern hemisphere …Increased physical understanding of rapid Arctic climate shifts and improved models are needed that give a more detailed picture and timing of what to expect so we can better …

InterCloud Systems to Acquire AW Solutions

InterCloud Systems to Acquire AW Solutions
InterCloud Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: $ICLD), an end-to-end solution provider of cloud and managed services, professional services, infrastructure and applications to the telecommunications industry, major corporations and governmental entities, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire AW Solutions, Inc. (AWS) of Longwood, Florida for an aggregate purchase price of $5,215,607.50, subject to certain adjustments, consisting of cash, promissory notes and InterCloud common stock, which such aggregate amount represents two and one-half times AWS’s reported EBITDA for the period from March 1, 2012 to February 28, 2013.

AWS provides professional services to the telecommunications industry, including network systems design, architectural and engineering services, program management, and other technical services.
InterCloud’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Munro, stated, “We are excited to welcome the world-class managemen…

Blue Angels Fly No More! Navy Stops Air Shows

Blue Angels Fly No More! Navy Stops Air Shows
By Tony Perry
The Navy’s famed Blue Angels aerial demonstration squad has canceled the rest of its 2013 performances, including dates this fall in San Diego, Ventura and San Francisco, Navy officials announced Tuesday.

The move was caused by the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration, officials said.

“This is one of many steps the Navy is taking to ensure resources are in place to support forces operating forward now and those training to relieve them,” the Navy said in an official statement.

The Blue Angels spent the winter training at a Navy facility in El Centro, Calif., and had recently returned to the squad’s home station in Pensacola, Fla.

The squad had scheduled 33 performances remaining for this year. Some had already been canceled because the air shows in which the Blue Angels were to fly had been canceled.

Among the Blue Angels performances canceled were those at the Naval Base Ventura County Air Show on Sept. 28-29,…

More Radiation Leaking From Crippled Plant

More Radiation Leaking From Crippled Plant

TOKYO (AP) — The operator of Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant said Tuesday that it had detected a fresh leak of radioactive water from one of the facility’s storage tanks.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. previously said two of seven huge underground tanks at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant had been leaking since Saturday, if not earlier.

The latest leak involves a tank that was being used to take water from one of the two that were leaking, TEPCO spokesman Masayuki Ono said. Up to 120 tons might have leaked from one of the tanks and smaller amount from the other two, but none of the radioactive water was believed to have reached the ocean, he said.

TEPCO has halted the transfer of water to the third tank, diverting it to a fourth tank that remains intact. Two of the seven tanks are currently unused.

Ono said TEPCO has decided to stop using the two most damaged of the three leaking tanks as soon as they are emptied, but will use the other …

Investors Race to go a piece of a billion-dollar market for legal marijuana

Investors Scramble For Stakes in Billion-Dollar Market For Legal Marijuana
Billion Dollar Industry everyone wants in Tim Mullaney

Brendan Kennedy and Michael Blue are nice boys. Really. They’re bankers. Yale MBA classmates. Wearers of ties. And, if luck and changing laws cooperate, they’ll be drug barons of a certain kind.
Kennedy, 40, and Blue, 34, are in the vanguard springing up to seize the market for legal marijuana, which is accelerating with last fall’s legalization of most personal pot consumption in Colorado and Washington state. They’re running a Seattle private-equity fund, Privateer Holdings, designed to buy up the smaller marijuana-related businesses to create one bigfat one.

After Washington and Colorado, the pot business is, if not mainstream, at least ready to push toward it. Advocates hope to legalize personal use in another 14 states by 2017, mostly among the 16 states besides Washington and Colorado where medical pot is legal (it’s also legal in Washington, D…

America is “Very High” on the Idea of Legalizing Marijuana

Majority of Americans Support Legalization of Marijuana
Public support for legalizing marijuana has never been higher, but the latest studies show recreational use is linked with prescription drug misuse.

In the latest nationwide survey  of 1,501 people polled in mid-March about legalizing marijuana, 52% of those surveyed favored making weed legal, and 72% said that efforts to enforce anti-marijuana laws bring more cost than benefit.

The poll, conducted by the Pew Research Center, also tracked trends in public support for legalization, which has risen dramatically since 1969, when a Gallup poll found only 12% in favor.
The results revealed some interesting trends, including strong generational differences on the question, generally driven by the amount of experience each generation has with the drug.  Only 32% of the “Silent” or World War II generation born between 1928 and 1945 favored legal marijuana— and in that age group, only a tiny proportion reported eve…