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GreeneStone Receives Landlord Approval for Lease Extension and Financing

GreeneStone Receives Landlord Approval for Lease Extension and Financing GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation (OTCBB:GRST), a provider of Healthcare services and operator of several mental health clinics, announced today the agreement with the Landlord of its 5734 Yonge Street location for a Lease Extension and financing for its leasehold improvements and equipment.
GreeneStone previously announced this initiative in March of this year and initially leased this location as a sublet from The Rothbart Pain Clinic in June of 2010 for the balance of the term on Rothbart’s lease expiring July 31, 2013.

The new lease agreement commences August 1, 2013. Occupancy rates are similar to that of the sublet with an initial five-year term including the option to extend for an additional five years. The landlord will contribute $50,000 for leasehold improvements and has offered an unsecured loan of $75,000 for the same purpose. The loan will be amortized over the first five year term of …

Original Apple Computer is sold for 671K at Auction

Original Apple Computer is sold for 671K at Auction
And here you thought a coffee date with Apple CEO Tim Cook was expensive. Unfortunately, vintage Apple hardware commands a bit more of a price than a one-hour coffee chit-chat with Cook – albeit barely.
An original version of the Apple-I computer – signed by cofounder Steve Wozniak himself – has managed to fetch a staggeringly high price at a recent auction, more than $200,000 higher than auction house Auction Team Breaker estimated as the highest price that Apple’s first-ever computer might have generated.

The system, originally owned by electrical engineer Fred Hatfield, is one of 46 known units still in existence out of an original lot of 200 systems crafted up by Wozniak and late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs. The auctioned-off system even came with a letter from Jobs himself, offering Hatfield all of $400 if he would trade in his Apple I for an upgraded Apple II.
Hatfield seems to have (wisely) declined.

The Apple I aucti…

The new 2014 Porsche Limited Edition Dream Car

New Special Edition Porsche Supercar

Porsche Cars North America UNLEASH THE ENGINEERS The 918 is an 887-horsepower hybrid supercar with all-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering and fuel economy as high as 71 m.p.g. By AARON ROBINSON Most auto engineers spend their lives on short leashes, constantly straining against the limitations of cost and market acceptance and whispering questions that begin with, “What if…?”

Porsche Cars North America The Porsche 918 Spyder.
As in, what if Porsche, a German brand with a 75-year pedigree of building winning racers and delightful sports cars, threw into a single vehicle everything it knows about advanced materials, hybrid-electric powertrains, sophisticated electronics and the shaping of car bodies both to appease the wind and to get wealthy buyers to drop to their knees.

The forthcoming Porsche 918 Spyder, an $846,000 gasoline-electric hybrid supercar with all-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering, scheduled to arrive at dealers next year, is what ca…

A Massive Invasion That Was In The Planning Since 1996

From North Carolina to Connecticut, billions of creatures with eyes the color of blood and bodies the color of coal are crawling out of the earth. Periodical cicadas are emerging en masse, clambering into trees and singing a shivering chorus that can be heard for miles.
 What makes this emergence truly remarkable, however, is how long it’s been in the making. This month’s army of periodical cicadas was born in 1996. Their mothers laid their eggs in the branches of trees, where they developed for a few weeks before hatching and heading for the ground. “They just jumped out and rained down out of the trees,” said Chris Simon, a cicada biologist at the University of Connecticut.
Those Clinton-era larvae then squirmed into the dirt and spent the next 17 years sucking fluid from tree roots. Now, at last, they are ready to produce the next generation. The adult males are snapping rigid plates on their abdomens to produce their courtship song. The females are clicking their wing…