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Investor Report: ERF Wireless (OTC:ERFB.QB) America's rural high speed internet network

Affordable High Speed Internet for Rural America Today, the industry has a third option – high-speed, wireless broadband connectivity through Energy Broadband. ERF Wireless provides secure, high-capacity wireless and other communications products and services to a broad spectrum of customers in underserved rural and suburban areas. We provide high quality broadband services, as well as basic communications services to residential, commercial, oil and gas, banking, healthcare and educational customers in those areas that are traditionally unable to receive such services. We are also a comprehensive solutions provider to other enterprise customers, providing them with a wide array of communications services, including high-speed broadband and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone and facsimile service. By combining increased bandwidth, speed of deployment, mobility and competitive pricing, EBI can build private networks that deliver: Real-time data transfer and man…