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Long Island Ice Tea Company (LTEA) Is A Healthy Better Beverage

Long Island Iced Tea Corp. (NASDAQ: LTEA) executives have experience working with some of the most successful beverage companies in the world.

Long Island Iced Tea Corp. (NASDAQ: LTEA) is engaged in the production and distribution of premium ready-to-drink (RTD) iced tea in the beverage industry. The company’s flagship brand is Long Island Iced Tea, a tea made from a proprietary recipe and with quality components sold primarily on the East Coast of the United States through a network of national and regional retail chains and distributors.

Long Island Ice Tea has instant name recognition due to the namesake cocktail that is extremely popular with millions of people around the world. But this isn’t an age-restricted drink.

In part to hand-picked tea leaves and a special brewing process, consumers are falling in love with Long Island Ice Tea.
100% Cane Sugar & Non-GMO Tea Leaves Using only natural fruit flavoring, pure 100% cane sugar and non-GMO tea leaves, LTEA has crea…