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A Death To The Most British Thing There Is (OTC:DCSA)

Mom and Dad Love Tea But the Kids Love Coffee in England! 
Almost 30 years ago, the New York Times nodded to a curious trend that many older English folks were growing concerned about. A British pastime was losing its luster, largely because it was falling out of favor with younger people who hadn't the time — or really the interest — to prolong the tradition. "We're a graying bunch, we tea drinkers, I'm afraid,'' Derek Cooper, a well-known British food writer.

Cooper was a tea lover, but his kids preferred coffee. And that dynamic was growing all too common. Between the mid-1970s and the 1980s, tea consumption fell by 20 percent in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the country's taste for coffee was blossoming, so much so, in fact, that in 1986 coffee sales in the U.K.outpaced tea sales for the first time in history.

The generational sipping gap was both real and really pronounced. But fast-forward to today and you see that the trend was also on…

Reign Sapphire Changes Name to Reflect Expanded Business

Reign Sapphire Changes Name to Reflect Expanded Business "Reign Corporation" will Apply In-House Operational Efficiency to Now Three, Niche D2C Custom Jewelry Brands
Reign Sapphire Corp., (OTCQB: RGNP) ("Reign" or the "Company"), a direct-to-consumer, branded and custom jewelry company today announced its name change taking effect after the matter was approved at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on Friday, March 17 2017.

The reasoning behind board's decision to affect a name change was that the board believed that the name change would more accurately describe the expanded business from our previous sole focus on millennial targeted, sapphire jewelry.
The Company now wholly owns and operates 3 distinct niche brands: Reign Sapphires: a millennial targeted, sapphire jewelry brand Coordinates Collection: customized and inscribed with location coordinates of life's special moments Le Bloc: classic customized jewelry Reign Ventures is the company…

SeeThruEquity Analysis Report on Reign Sapphire Corporation (RGNP)

SeeThruEquity Analysis Report on Reign Sapphire Corporation (RGNP)

Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, Reign Sapphire Corporation (OTCQB: RGNP, "Reign") is attempting to build a new premium consumer brand in the jewelry sector focused on ethically-processed, Australia-mined sapphires. The company is pursuing this with a unique approach to the supply chain supported by an intriguing technology-driven consumer marketing program. Successful execution would position Reign as what management has called the "world's first vertically integrated source to retail model" for sapphire gemstones and fine sapphire jewelry. As part of the consumer strategy, Reign plans to leverage technology acquired in a recent acquisition, as well as its supply chain, where it purchases rough commercial sapphires in bulk directly from commercial miners in Australia, and then control the supply at each step along the way to retail, enabling the company control over quality, co…